When Australians goes to Stykkisholmur

There are bad days, when all is dark and none is there, there are bad days, facing emptiness and wondering where’s you’re fate.

Then, by chance, a friend, from the other side of the world, and you never met, send you a book about the place you dream at the other other side of the world….(yes, it’s not started and it’s already the mess)….

It’s about Photo, Passion, kilometers, and Iceland !

2 words about the crazy story…

He lives in Australia, I live in France, he has a fantastic wife, me too 😉 (but not the same just be relax)

childs, life, passion, and photography for both of us. Then he gets to Iceland in June 2010 ( for me it was september 2008). Then he gets back to Iceland in september 2011, and i was in May 2011)

Twice for each ! and we discovered, with our Aussie and Froggies eyes this magnificient country.

Funny isn’t it ?

This chronicle is about his trip and his eye, and the way he noticed one great piece of architecture in Iceland, one of the most important place in Iceland : Churches !

If you had chance, to visit Iceland already or if you plan to do it, don’t forget churches, because they all desserve the look !

You’ll find it everywhere, completely surrounded by urban cityscape as in Reykjavik, or in the most remote valley, at the top of the highest European cliff, or in the smallest fisherman village of Iceland (that you can imagine, is one of the smallest in the world)….

My favorite one is the extraordinary church of Stykkisholmur

I let you discover why…

This book is great ! the letter sized i’ve received as a present is a little small to give you an idea of the quality of the picture. but as i know the artist, and the churches, i can talk as if i had received a larger sized book.

Let me tell you one thing, this book could had been done by ATGET ! 

No one, perfect sense of construction and composition, and I’m Sure Manray would had say « this is surreal » (which is a compliment)….

But he’s dead, so i have to deal without this compliment. And because Manray is dead, i have to tell to Roberto, but first of all, to all the buyers of that books « I told you it was a good idea to buy this book »

If you’re doing a collection, buy it

If you’re doing a study on Scandinavian architecture, buy it

If you love churches and it’s representation, buy it

If you like beautifull photos, buy it

Robert, more than a friend, is a photographer for many years. When you have a look at his composition, you instantly fell in love with his eye (you know what i mean …)

and you adore the time he took (thanks madam for your patience in the car…) to make a perfect photo.
And you’ll see very discretly how long it took him, on the computer, to clean the sky, put the clouds in the center of it’s composition, and finished to « mettre en valeur » the multiple tones of the grass.

This is one of the best motivated book i’ve seen till now  because of the  « savoir faire« , and in the choice of arranging the book.

One last words, this documenting book is finished with small descriptive words about the church. That’s pretty clever, and exactly what we could have wait from such a book

It’s a book i like particularly, because of all the reflexion that we can feel behind each word, page, photo, and even if the author didn’t took a lot of riks to make these photo, he was close enough from his subject !!

Congrats for this good work

What i wish for him ? to sell as many books as possible, even if such a subject is less attractive than the Pirelli calendar.

But who know what will happen in the next book ;))


Shine on !

Robert YOUNG personnal : http://rwyoung.com.au/

Where to buy book : http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/356742



Dear followers,

You’re now numerous to come and follow the activity of that blog 🙂

Thanks a lot for that !
We’re really impatient to come and visit friends in Iceland, and fullfill all the questions i have about your incredible island.

But it’s without thinking about the project. This last one is really turning me mad, everyday new peoples help me to bring new informations and i already have many answers from many peoples that are kind enough to take on their time and help me !

To Ragnheidur, Michel, Snorri, Estrid, Oddny, Mathildur, Sylvie, Jean Jacques, etc….

You really bring me a lot !

Thanks a lot !

Impatient to see you !