Wanted to thanks Kristin Jonsdottir from the site Parisardaman who’s helping me a lot !

(Just to let you know, this website fully Icelandic talking, is made to help Icelandic tourists coming to our beautifull city of Paris, France). I’ve a look it’s very well done !

Because of Kristin, i’ve been able to reach some icelandic peoples in Paris, and will have appointment with them this summer.

Thanks to you Kristin for your help


And the story continue !

This article dedicated to the models.

Just wanted to let you know that the story continue in France ! With Icelandic that decided to come and stay in Paris

We’ll have some appointment in July and August, and the first prints will be send to you in the middle of October 🙂

An exhibition in planned in November, but many details have to be checked before i’ll invite you officially to come.

By the way, portraits won’t be released online after a while, so don’t expect to see anything before at least october online .


See you soon !


Sunrise in Isafjordur


Dear followers,

You’re now numerous to come and follow the activity of that blog 🙂

Thanks a lot for that !
We’re really impatient to come and visit friends in Iceland, and fullfill all the questions i have about your incredible island.

But it’s without thinking about the project. This last one is really turning me mad, everyday new peoples help me to bring new informations and i already have many answers from many peoples that are kind enough to take on their time and help me !

To Ragnheidur, Michel, Snorri, Estrid, Oddny, Mathildur, Sylvie, Jean Jacques, etc….

You really bring me a lot !

Thanks a lot !

Impatient to see you !