Winter, … You want some sun ?! But have to wait till…

Summer……That’s a pity

Anyway, where to go this summer to have a bit of sun ?!!

You tried Spain, Bahamas, Baleares, let’s try south of France !!


But you’ll tell me

How can i do ?

It’s easy  ! Let me know when you go, and i’ll ask all my friends in the south of France, to help you

First of all i’d like to recommend you the famous

Kristin will answer you !

Then if she need any help in the South coast, i’ll have the informations for you !

Check here

And if you navigate on Ipernity, you’ll find many photos about south that could motivate you !

And maybe you’ll find a lot of photographers from Iceland also


I wish you to be patient until you’re next holiday and if you’d like to come, it’ll be a pleasure to help you !

All the best,





Wanted to thanks Kristin Jonsdottir from the site Parisardaman who’s helping me a lot !

(Just to let you know, this website fully Icelandic talking, is made to help Icelandic tourists coming to our beautifull city of Paris, France). I’ve a look it’s very well done !

Because of Kristin, i’ve been able to reach some icelandic peoples in Paris, and will have appointment with them this summer.

Thanks to you Kristin for your help