D-8 The road state !

Hye !

This link  will help you discover a great service that Iceland authorities have set up in order to help peoples in their trip or daily road plans


It’s a webcam network that cover the whole Iceland and show you in real time the road’s state !

That’s clever !! and more usefull there than in the Canaries island.

So let’s make a little game …

Where are Elisabeth & Anthony ?!

On the May 15th, we’ll find a webcam (we’ll be in the West part of Iceland, a cold part…)  and we’ll say hello to you

If you success to send me a screenshot of the webcam in front of which we’ll be, i’ll offer you a 30x40cm print !

(not framed… life is hard i know…)

Just drop the screenshot to alebourlier @ gmail.com

See you soon !