La mort d’un hôpital

This place, that hospital will be closed one day or another

These are some photos i was allowed to do with the kindness of the administration of that place before it’s totally closed.

Already half of the buildings are closed. 

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France, Bretagne, île de Ouessant

Watching icelandic photos may appear a little non original for my dear friends from Iceland, isn’t it ?

That’s why i’d like to submit you some photos i’ve taken in another place i appreciate a lot, in France, which is called : Bretagne. and particularly, (another) island : « Ouessant ».

I’ve discovered it in 2010 and appreciated it a lot. Even if there’s too many houses or handmade building, the weather (bad) and the sea (strong) around that island is exactly what i like !

You’ll discover some photos below.

See you 🙂



Dear followers,

You’re now numerous to come and follow the activity of that blog 🙂

Thanks a lot for that !
We’re really impatient to come and visit friends in Iceland, and fullfill all the questions i have about your incredible island.

But it’s without thinking about the project. This last one is really turning me mad, everyday new peoples help me to bring new informations and i already have many answers from many peoples that are kind enough to take on their time and help me !

To Ragnheidur, Michel, Snorri, Estrid, Oddny, Mathildur, Sylvie, Jean Jacques, etc….

You really bring me a lot !

Thanks a lot !

Impatient to see you !