Lava, tout est neuf et tout est sauvage…



La mort d’un hôpital

This place, that hospital will be closed one day or another

These are some photos i was allowed to do with the kindness of the administration of that place before it’s totally closed.

Already half of the buildings are closed. 

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

France, Bretagne, île de Ouessant

Watching icelandic photos may appear a little non original for my dear friends from Iceland, isn’t it ?

That’s why i’d like to submit you some photos i’ve taken in another place i appreciate a lot, in France, which is called : Bretagne. and particularly, (another) island : « Ouessant ».

I’ve discovered it in 2010 and appreciated it a lot. Even if there’s too many houses or handmade building, the weather (bad) and the sea (strong) around that island is exactly what i like !

You’ll discover some photos below.

See you 🙂