Icelandic Cinema online

What a good idea !

To discover Icelandic culture when you’re out of your country, or when you want to acess Icelandic cinema without walking 10 mn in 50 cm snow, followed by elves and wolves, and  beautifull icelandic women (sigh 😉 )

This web site is a good idea and it’s well done 🙂

Work like a traditional VOD www

so just have to clic, clic, pay, watch. More than this ! There’s a free one right now for the birthday


So … Happy birthday !


PS.Impatient to have this offline on my mobile phone



Lava, tout est neuf et tout est sauvage…


And the story continue !

This article dedicated to the models.

Just wanted to let you know that the story continue in France ! With Icelandic that decided to come and stay in Paris

We’ll have some appointment in July and August, and the first prints will be send to you in the middle of October 🙂

An exhibition in planned in November, but many details have to be checked before i’ll invite you officially to come.

By the way, portraits won’t be released online after a while, so don’t expect to see anything before at least october online .


See you soon !


Sunrise in Isafjordur

D-8 The road state !

Hye !

This link  will help you discover a great service that Iceland authorities have set up in order to help peoples in their trip or daily road plans

It’s a webcam network that cover the whole Iceland and show you in real time the road’s state !

That’s clever !! and more usefull there than in the Canaries island.

So let’s make a little game …

Where are Elisabeth & Anthony ?!

On the May 15th, we’ll find a webcam (we’ll be in the West part of Iceland, a cold part…)  and we’ll say hello to you

If you success to send me a screenshot of the webcam in front of which we’ll be, i’ll offer you a 30x40cm print !

(not framed… life is hard i know…)

Just drop the screenshot to alebourlier @

See you soon !