So Icelanders said « yes » to China ?

In the famous story about China business man buying iceland ………. 😉

and after reading this article

We have more « serious » informations.

It’ll be a Park / resort / racetrak
(listen hiking more than driving, i pray for that…..)

What does it mean ? Let’s imagine, we’re in 2020 and i’m a Chinese wishing to see ice on the beach and Geysers and discover hiking in a « remote little iceland lost in the Atlantic »……


The airplane ticket (with one stop in Copenhague) is 3000 $ in 2012.
Let’s imagine the amount of people taking this ticket will reduce it to 2000 $

Which means nothing for a one billion peoples….
Statistically yours, i invite you to imagine the « great » amount of people coming to Iceland

Great will you tell me ! Iceland will attract tourists again and again ! (+it’s new, so everyone want to be a customer of it, and « see it »

Well, you, and your politics are much more clever than my little person, but i still wonder….
As i have no money and intelligence, but curiosity !

2020 : The hotel is 500 rooms (if i’m a businessman, i’m not buying a plot for 3 bungallow)…… + 150 bungallow
Imagine « Luxury » is chosen by the owner of the hotel,

What means LUXURY in the long term ?

// It means employement ! That’s nice ! who will come and be chosen …
those who want a job… for chinese compagny that need a lot of people, at the lowest cost. Attention with people working for luxury industry (as me for exemple !!) we become slave of our compagny, and i know what i’m saying….at many levels…

// It means cars (which one ? the most ecological one or the « famous » and wanted HUGE and exotic (for a chinese) 4wheels drive « that go on the Glacier ». (is this ecological ?)
When i come to a country, i want to discover, and try way of life of the country…..

// It means energy (a lot when « luxury » is chosen) Is this also ecological ? Will geothermy will be enough ?

// It mean food, and A LOT (For exemple, i’ve worked for Club Med in 1997, the old politic was « buffet » and half of it was thrown away because legislation oblige you to do it ! No share with anyone….)
+Importation+Transportation + conservation ….

// It mean water, it means a second « private blue lagoon » (closer to the hotel !!)

// It mean much more peoples in each « touristical place » and they will move by bus, cars, etc….

// It means extra, and by extra there is everything included…

So i really hope someone would answer this questioning i have about icelandic future of this great economical project you found for … money ?

So what to do ? refuse and criticize ? or ….be intelligent and feed your family ?
So I would create a electrical car renting compagny in Iceland.
(If you make it, don’t forget me ! :D)

I know your politics know already all of these points.
I’m just thinking on the paper today, i’m just scared to see Iceland becaming « just a normal country »…..

Anyway, you’re clever, old, and aware so 🙂