From A Varða to Verdtrygging

A Varða est une tradition. Pour les uns, représente le Zen, pour d autres une borne au bord d une route, pour certains, un porte bonheur, d autres y voient le moyen de montrer leur passage à un endroit difficile d accès.
Vous avez certainement déjà remarqué ces petites piles de pierres au milieu des plaines, en haut des montagnes

Elle représentera donc ici le passé, l ensemble des croyances islandaises, les racines.

Verdtrygging est un terme financier que les Islandais connaissent trop bien. Puisque pour une partie d’entre eux, il est la cause de la crise.

Voici les portraits des gens qui ont bien voulu répondre à mes questions et me permettre de comprendre davantage la crise qui sévit de 2008 à 2011.

Ce fut catastrophique pour les Islandais, surtout les jeunes et majoritairement de la capitale. Les Islandais préfèrent acheter, même leur premier bien, à la location.
les jeunes avaient le moins d’économie et n’avaient pas l’habitude de faire face à ces situations. Et à la campagne « vous savez nous les banques et les prêts… »
En majorité, les biens sont déjà payés par les plus agés.

Donc un crédit est dans la mentalité des le plus jeune age et les remboursements sont usuels.

Sauf quand les taux explosent. Ce qui se produisit en septembre / octobre 2008

Imaginez juste. En 2010 soit 2 ans après le début du phénomène, on parle déjà de « sortie » de la crise comme dans cet article.


Un grand merci à

Mme Estrid BREKKAN, Ministre conseiller à l’ambassade d’Islande en France,
Kristin JONSDOTTIR, sans qui ce projet n’aurait pas pu exister.
Ragnheidur ARNGRIMSDOTTIR and her amazing family !
Bergljót SNORRA
Elisabeth GRAU pour son soutien quotidien

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Sources / Informations :

– Ambassade d’Islande en France



So Icelanders said « yes » to China ?

In the famous story about China business man buying iceland ………. 😉

and after reading this article

We have more « serious » informations.

It’ll be a Park / resort / racetrak
(listen hiking more than driving, i pray for that…..)

What does it mean ? Let’s imagine, we’re in 2020 and i’m a Chinese wishing to see ice on the beach and Geysers and discover hiking in a « remote little iceland lost in the Atlantic »……


The airplane ticket (with one stop in Copenhague) is 3000 $ in 2012.
Let’s imagine the amount of people taking this ticket will reduce it to 2000 $

Which means nothing for a one billion peoples….
Statistically yours, i invite you to imagine the « great » amount of people coming to Iceland

Great will you tell me ! Iceland will attract tourists again and again ! (+it’s new, so everyone want to be a customer of it, and « see it »

Well, you, and your politics are much more clever than my little person, but i still wonder….
As i have no money and intelligence, but curiosity !

2020 : The hotel is 500 rooms (if i’m a businessman, i’m not buying a plot for 3 bungallow)…… + 150 bungallow
Imagine « Luxury » is chosen by the owner of the hotel,

What means LUXURY in the long term ?

// It means employement ! That’s nice ! who will come and be chosen …
those who want a job… for chinese compagny that need a lot of people, at the lowest cost. Attention with people working for luxury industry (as me for exemple !!) we become slave of our compagny, and i know what i’m saying….at many levels…

// It means cars (which one ? the most ecological one or the « famous » and wanted HUGE and exotic (for a chinese) 4wheels drive « that go on the Glacier ». (is this ecological ?)
When i come to a country, i want to discover, and try way of life of the country…..

// It means energy (a lot when « luxury » is chosen) Is this also ecological ? Will geothermy will be enough ?

// It mean food, and A LOT (For exemple, i’ve worked for Club Med in 1997, the old politic was « buffet » and half of it was thrown away because legislation oblige you to do it ! No share with anyone….)
+Importation+Transportation + conservation ….

// It mean water, it means a second « private blue lagoon » (closer to the hotel !!)

// It mean much more peoples in each « touristical place » and they will move by bus, cars, etc….

// It means extra, and by extra there is everything included…

So i really hope someone would answer this questioning i have about icelandic future of this great economical project you found for … money ?

So what to do ? refuse and criticize ? or ….be intelligent and feed your family ?
So I would create a electrical car renting compagny in Iceland.
(If you make it, don’t forget me ! :D)

I know your politics know already all of these points.
I’m just thinking on the paper today, i’m just scared to see Iceland becaming « just a normal country »…..

Anyway, you’re clever, old, and aware so 🙂


When Australians goes to Stykkisholmur

There are bad days, when all is dark and none is there, there are bad days, facing emptiness and wondering where’s you’re fate.

Then, by chance, a friend, from the other side of the world, and you never met, send you a book about the place you dream at the other other side of the world….(yes, it’s not started and it’s already the mess)….

It’s about Photo, Passion, kilometers, and Iceland !

2 words about the crazy story…

He lives in Australia, I live in France, he has a fantastic wife, me too 😉 (but not the same just be relax)

childs, life, passion, and photography for both of us. Then he gets to Iceland in June 2010 ( for me it was september 2008). Then he gets back to Iceland in september 2011, and i was in May 2011)

Twice for each ! and we discovered, with our Aussie and Froggies eyes this magnificient country.

Funny isn’t it ?

This chronicle is about his trip and his eye, and the way he noticed one great piece of architecture in Iceland, one of the most important place in Iceland : Churches !

If you had chance, to visit Iceland already or if you plan to do it, don’t forget churches, because they all desserve the look !

You’ll find it everywhere, completely surrounded by urban cityscape as in Reykjavik, or in the most remote valley, at the top of the highest European cliff, or in the smallest fisherman village of Iceland (that you can imagine, is one of the smallest in the world)….

My favorite one is the extraordinary church of Stykkisholmur

I let you discover why…

This book is great ! the letter sized i’ve received as a present is a little small to give you an idea of the quality of the picture. but as i know the artist, and the churches, i can talk as if i had received a larger sized book.

Let me tell you one thing, this book could had been done by ATGET ! 

No one, perfect sense of construction and composition, and I’m Sure Manray would had say « this is surreal » (which is a compliment)….

But he’s dead, so i have to deal without this compliment. And because Manray is dead, i have to tell to Roberto, but first of all, to all the buyers of that books « I told you it was a good idea to buy this book »

If you’re doing a collection, buy it

If you’re doing a study on Scandinavian architecture, buy it

If you love churches and it’s representation, buy it

If you like beautifull photos, buy it

Robert, more than a friend, is a photographer for many years. When you have a look at his composition, you instantly fell in love with his eye (you know what i mean …)

and you adore the time he took (thanks madam for your patience in the car…) to make a perfect photo.
And you’ll see very discretly how long it took him, on the computer, to clean the sky, put the clouds in the center of it’s composition, and finished to « mettre en valeur » the multiple tones of the grass.

This is one of the best motivated book i’ve seen till now  because of the  « savoir faire« , and in the choice of arranging the book.

One last words, this documenting book is finished with small descriptive words about the church. That’s pretty clever, and exactly what we could have wait from such a book

It’s a book i like particularly, because of all the reflexion that we can feel behind each word, page, photo, and even if the author didn’t took a lot of riks to make these photo, he was close enough from his subject !!

Congrats for this good work

What i wish for him ? to sell as many books as possible, even if such a subject is less attractive than the Pirelli calendar.

But who know what will happen in the next book ;))


Shine on !

Robert YOUNG personnal :

Where to buy book :


Hye folks !

Very busy with photos and local project with an association. I’m still working on our common project.

I know it’s one year now i was in Iceland meeting most of you.

But it’s interesting to continue to read news from Iceland before publishing the project.

Should arrive soon, new contacts are coming, that’ll allow me to publish good quality things

Best regards, i miss your land …. 🙂

Icelandic Cinema online

What a good idea !

To discover Icelandic culture when you’re out of your country, or when you want to acess Icelandic cinema without walking 10 mn in 50 cm snow, followed by elves and wolves, and  beautifull icelandic women (sigh 😉 )

This web site is a good idea and it’s well done 🙂

Work like a traditional VOD www

so just have to clic, clic, pay, watch. More than this ! There’s a free one right now for the birthday


So … Happy birthday !


PS.Impatient to have this offline on my mobile phone